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POLISHED by Sama Sama is the latest innovation in nails under the Sama Sama Spa— a Social Enterprise headquartered in Bukit Jelutong aims to empower underprivileged young women. Developed to offer discerning customers a healthier option that would also widen the option for muslim women to express themselves, POLISHED by Sama Sama is a range of quality nail polish that is water permeable, breathable & toxic free. Our products are a healthier option of nail polish for women to express themselves in every shade they can imagine.

Shariah Compliance & Halal Certification

Designed for the discerning Muslim women, POLISHED by Sama Sama is uniquely focused on our target market to allow women to express themselves and for the final polished look through nail colour. As such, we aim to bring the best quality for our customers because we understand of their unique needs

POLISHED by Sama Sama's formula allows for WATER and AIR to permeate nails, is wudhu friendly, Shariah Compliant and Halal Certified. Conventional nail polish acts as a barrier to prevent water from permeating through- making their wudhu (the ritual water cleansing act before prayer) invalid, creating an impermeable layer that prevents nails from getting the water and oxygen they need to stay healthy.

We strive to encourage women especially Muslimah to be a part of the millennial audiences and be fashionable, trendy as well as elegant without leaving the Islamic practices behind. Be it modest shades that reflect modest fashion or louder colours boldly announcing that modest fashion is a valid expression and a fashion statement reflective of the values these women choose to adhere to - A choice, not an obligation. The message is clear, this segment of consumers have been undervalued and a force to be reckoned with, and we are here to complement it.

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